Welcome to My Moray

Welcome to My Moray. Moray is the gem of the North East of Scotland: A place characterised by innovation from tradition and home to people passionate about the Moray of today and tomorrow.

What is My Moray?

We are asking residents to complete a survey to help with the development of the Moray Growth Deal bid. What’s your vision for the future of Moray? Is it similar to those mentioned in the My Moray video or do you want to share other aspirations?

We want to hear from you over the coming months via the survey and a number of public events we’ll be holding where you can pose your questions. For the Moray Growth Deal to be a success we need your support! A report to Moray Council will reflect all feedback and will lead to discussions with Scottish and UK Governments. Read more about the bid here. If you are a business in Moray and would like to pledge your support, please click here.

And you can get involved on social media too! Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and have your say using #MyMoray.

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