Armed Forces in Moray

Moray is home to RAF Lossiemouth, one of the largest and busiest multi aircraft-type stations in the Royal Air Force, and Kinloss Barracks, the base for the army’s 39 Royal Engineers (Air Support). In April 2018, the UK Government announced major investment in RAF Lossiemouth with the introduction of new aircraft to strengthen the defence of the UK and its allies. Over 10 years, MOD investment in the region of £3bn will increase Moray’s population by up to 4,000 people, including an additional 550 service personnel by 2020, bringing the total number employed at RAF Lossiemouth to over 2,200. 

heart of the community

There are strong ties between service personnel and their families and the wider community in Moray. There is a lot of support for families relocating to Moray from finding housing, schools and jobs for partners and spouses of armed forces personnel.

life after the armed forces

At the end of their service, it is not uncommon for families to remain in Moray. A lot of successful businesses have been started in Moray by ex-armed forces personnel such as Copernicus Technology and Windswept Brewery.


contributing to the moray economy

Moray has a large Armed Forces population of serving members and their families, and veterans who have settled here. Their valuable skills enhance and contribute greatly to the benefit of Moray’s local economy.

RAF Lossiemouth makes a tremendous contribution to the security and prosperity of Moray, Scotland and the United Kingdom. The MOD is investing £400m in new facilities, which will see a fourth Typhoon squadron and the entire UK fleet of submarine-hunting Maritime Patrol Aircraft based right here. All 2300 employees here look forward to helping to build the Moray economy.”

Group Captain James Walls DSO, Station Commander, RAF Lossiemouth 

armed forces covenant

Each council has an Armed Forces Covenant Group which meet twice a year to identify and discuss matters relevant to the community. They are chaired by an elected councillor who is your local authority Armed Forces Champion, and membership is made up of representatives from:

  • Army and RAF units
  • Reserve units
  • Local authority
  • NHS, DWP
  • Military Charities
  • Veterans Charities

The role of the local authority Armed Forces Champion is to ensure that the authority achieves its commitments to the Armed Forces community and resolves any issues.

For more information, please go to Armed Forces Covenant Moray and Armed Forces Covenant Highland.

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