The Moray Growth Deal is looking to the future of Moray. The Moray Growth Deal is a regional deal designed to boost economic growth for the long term across the region and create projects addressing the issues that really matter to the people of Moray. It aims to transform the economy, address how we can encourage young people to stay and work in the area and address any gender inequality in employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Moray Growth Deal?

It is a regional long-term project based strategy which intends to transform the economy and boost economic growth across the Moray area. The vision addresses issues specific to Moray and its projects are expected to address inclusivity and equality issues. It is called a deal because the projects need to meet the investment criterai of all partners - Scottish and UK Governments, Moray Council, other partners and businesses.

Q. Where does the money come from?

Scottish and UK Governments, public sectors partners including Moray Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, University of the Highlands and Islands, as well as from the private sector for projects relevant to businesses involved.

Q. Is Moray in competition with other areas in Scotland?

No, we are not in competition with other areas for a set amount of funding.  Both governments have committed to providing support for all areas not yet brought within existing city deals. Whilst government resources available to support growth and city deals are not infinite, we have attracted praise from both governments on our approach to developing the deal so far and believe that we have a convincining case to make for funding.

Q. How much money are we likely to get?

UK Government and Scottish Government have each committed to contributions of £32.5 million and local partners in the public and private sector committing a further £35 million to the total deal which will be worth in excess of £100 million.

Q. What will the projects be?

The projects:

  • Moray Aerospace, Advanced Technology and Innovation Campus
  • Business Enterprise Hub
  • Cultural Quarter
  • Early years STEM
  • Manufacturing Innovation for Moray
  • Bus Revolution
  • Digital Health
  • Housing Mix Delivery 

More details can be found here.

Q. How did we choose the projects ?

The projects evolved from a series of initiatives over a lengthy period which included:

  • engagement with key stakeholders in the Moray area,
  • attending community events and commissioning of an online community survey to identify top areas of improvement, 
  • workshops with students in the local college to discuss issues with retention and attraction of young people in the area, 
  • economic comparison to other areas in Scotland.

This activity identified over 120 potential project to improve the economic situation within Moray, which were then rationalised and prioritised to create a manageable group of key projects to be tested through extensive consultation and engagement exercises with the community and with businesses in the area to ensure that the right issues were being addressed with the proposals

Q. What return on investment is being sought by government?

There is no fixed target. Each project will have a different return on investment depending on factors like the level and phasing of investment required. It is more important that the projects are in line government policy.

Q. What is the timescale for getting a deal ?

Now that we have the in-principle commitment (Heads of Terms) from both UK and Scottish Governments, we will be working as hard as possible to conclude the deal by the spring of 2021.

Q. What threats might impede progress on the deal?

The biggest threat to progress at the present time is the Coronavirus pandemic but we are workng to minimise the impact this has on project development.

Q. Are you involving the voluntary sector?

Tsi Moray has been involved in developing the bid from the start and we will look at how we can involve the voluntary sector in the next stage of development.  A community based approach will be a major focus of the next communication plans going forward.

Q. Can Community Councils apply for some funding ?

Growth deal funding is allocated based on identified projects which sit within the growth deal programme.  It is not a pot of money which can be bid for, but there are other types of funding available for communities to bid for such as Money for Moray, the Moray Towns Partnership, Rural Regeneration and Participatory Budgeting funds.

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